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Mas Tequila brings you the best of Sammy Hagar. Rocking the hits of Montrose, Sammy Solo, Van Hagar, the Wabos, etc...

We bring you back to the important things in life: Parties, Girls, Cars and ROCK N ROLL!! There's only one way to ROCK and it's with Mas Tequila!!!


The great thing about Mas Tequila is that Sammy's music can stand alone for an evening or play with a wide variety of bands from 70's classic rock to 80's glam to early 90's rock.  It's all about the party and making sure everyone is having a good time.  It's totally inclusive, fans come back again and again because of how fun it is.

Our name and image has also increased Top Shelf and Tequila  liquor sales for the venues, so it's a win-win. 

This group is comprised of seasoned professional musicians:

Solon Scott - Vocals 

Dan Benz - Guitar/Vox 

Dave George - Bass/Vox 

Steve Hana - Keys/Guitar/Vox

Mark Evans - Drums 

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